Insights from talented Filmmakers

Eric Simonson

“As a stage director, I always wondered what it was like to make a film. Theater is more of an actor’s art. Cinema is more of a director’s art. I want to try my hand at it”.

Robin Rippmann

“The weird thing about motion capture is that you have to think in terms of specific actions that you want to record, rather than shots. The framing doesn’t happen until a much later stage”.

Fabricio Heider

“The institutional corruption led me to the conclusion that filmmaking had to be independent. The hardest challenge was the research of new solutions to create all the necessary equipment and shoot”.

Guillaume Levil

“You have to understand the story, but in fact you understand it with your own energy. That is to say that you see the film you want, not the film the director wants.”  

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Next Film Festivals

FestivalLocationEvent datesDeadline
Miami Independent Film FestivalUSA - Miami, FLJuneEach month
Brooklyn Film FestivalUSA - NYCJune 3-12March 7th
Fantasia International Film FestivalCANADA - MontrealJuly 14 - August 02May 1st
Venice Film Festival - La BiennaleITALY - VeniceAugust 31 - September 10Line-up announced at the end of July
Camden International Film FestivalUSA - Camden, MESeptember 15-18May 27th (Late). July 1st (Extended)
Santa Fe Independent Film FestivalUSA - Santa Fe, NMOctober 19-23July 1st (Late). August 1st (Final)
United Nations Association Film FestivalUSA - San Francisco, CAOctober 20-30May 26th
American Film FestivalPOLAND - WroklawOctober 25-30July 15th
Show me ShortsNEW ZELANDNovemberApril 15th
Black Nights Film FestivalESTONIA - TallinNovember 11-27September 15th
Sundance Film Festival 2017USA - UtahJanuary 19-29 2017Submissions open in June 2016. Deadlines by September 23rd or 26th