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“It fills me with wonder knowing that people in far-off countries will be viewing something I put my heart into. And that it will hopefully spark a reaction within them, thus somehow connecting us”.




People from every single land of this world study Cinema. In most cases they’re young dreamers headed to success or disaster, barely conscious of the mess they’ve done. Cinema is the first bet of their life: if they lose, there will be time for another. In some other cases students aren’t that young anymore: they don’t love the flat job they do in their real life. Cinema is their second chance, pure passion breaking out of the cage. End of the line, a few students are mature adults whose dreams are filled with hope and regrets. They’re chasing time and they know Cinema could be their last chance.

All of the students, no matter their age, bet their soul and all of their energy in the hope of learning how to give birth to a film. They sweat and struggle and break and start again. The young students portrayed in this Section are just an infinitesimal slice of the whole. But their first works are somehow promising: their hard effort is providing a first recognition. They represent the aspiration all Cinema students cultivate: following their passion, they work hard and give shape to their dreams.

Bianca, Tsubasa, Henry and Tonje are four of the Students competing at the Miami Independent Film Festival 2016 Annual Event next June, being monthly winners. Well done guys. We want more.



Hi Bianca. The opening quote from this article is yours: we love your attitude towards Cinema. Could you tell us a bit about you and your work?



I’m a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins’ MA Character Animation program. Resilience (Facebook here) was my graduation film. It’s the tale of a young Mongolian girl’s coming of age as she journeys up a mountain to find closure for something she’s lost. The idea to use eagle hunters as my main characters came after seeing pictures and reading an article about Ashol Pan, a 13 year old Mongolian eagle huntress. Regarding the film’s message, it’s in the title – I wanted to tell a story about hard times, and how to carry on with life despite them. There’s a short poem that sums up precisely what I wanted to convey: “Flowers will grow back, even after they are stepped on. So will I”.

Bianca Howell_Resilience

Bianca Howell



Hey Tsubasa, what are you studying now and what is your plan for the future?



I am a New York based DP and Director from Japan. I am currently enrolled at NYU Tisch School of the Arts as a film and TV production major. I expect to graduate from NYU film school next year and continue freelance work in the Camera Dept. I want to stay based in NYC, but work in the Tri-State Area and beyond until I can direct my dream film.



Woah! Your dream film. We love young people with a clear target. And your cinematography is great! (Trailer here, Instagram at @quepasatsubasa).

Tsubasa Matsumoto_I am in your bed

Tsubasa Matsumoto



Tonje, tell us about you. You have done a very good job with The Bionic Girl (Facebook link here).



I am a 22-year-old woman from Norway. I got a Norwegian/English bachelor degree within film & TV production (Fiction). I love working with film, my own ideas and others projects. Mostly I like cinematography and directing, but every role is an important role within a film production. I have my own company named Meinhardt Film, where I do my own projects and some freelance work.“The Bionic Girl” is a film about Charlotte; she is in a tragic car accident and wakes up in hospital as half human. She got bionic prosthetics and a bionic eye. Mainly the film is about bullying. How people change their attitude towards someone when something changes or happens to them.


BIONIC GIRL -final16-MOVIE -POSTER-john edit_LOW

The Bionic Girl by Tonje Meinhardt



Henry, your film’s title is Pollock. Why was the artist an inspiration for your work?


Director Portrait - Henry Dunbar

Henry Dunbar



The film itself is about inspiration. In a world with so much to think about the man with no ideas becomes a laughing stock. I’m quoting Jackson Pollock: ‘Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is’. The films of UPA inspire me the most; Gerald Mc Boing Boing and Madeleine being personal favorites. I’m also a huge fan of Michaël Dudok de Wit as well as Daniel Greaves. Coming from a creative family I have found myself surrounded by an extensive library of inspirational art.



So keep on being inspired guys. And keep on inspiring us. Long Live Indie Cinema!


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